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ACBC webinar: doing business in the aftermath of the Covid-19

This article was created by Richard Zhu, who leads UMS Establish team that provides China consultancy and advisory services. You […]

WeChat live streaming is here – Is your brand ready?

There is no question that over the past five years, live streaming in China’s online ecosystem has taken the market […]

AFFINITÀ partner launches new customer experience hub

  For nearly a year, United Media Solution (UMS) has been part of AFFINITÀ, a network of entrepreneurial, independent agencies […]

Coronavirus 2020: How the aviation industry should respond

  A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the airline industry as Chinese travel collapses and travel restrictions are enforced, causing […]

Coronavirus 2020: Risk identification for international trade

  The coronavirus outbreak has caused strain for many industries, but overall impacts depend on how the virus is contained […]

Coronavirus 2020: How the education industry should respond

  As the coronavirus continues to grip many industries around the world, the time to revisit strategies in China has […]

Coronavirus 2020: How the tourism industry should respond

  The coronavirus outbreak is significantly impacting global tourism with the population in China essentially on lock down until it […]

Responding to the coronavirus: strategic brand advice

  For overseas brands, concerns around the Coronavirus outbreak in China have brought difficulties to many industries, while others are […]

China’s digital market in 2020 – consumers, content and trends

  Jessica Miao, CEO of China digital marketing agency, United Media Solution, shares her thoughts on what trends companies can […]

De Beers Group Industry Services appoints United Media Solution in China

  United Media Solution (UMS), a leading Chinese digital marketing agency, has been appointed by De Beers Group Industry Services […]