UMS announces partnership with Podium, a virtual event initiative set to reimagine online interactions

Shanghai, China – 28th May, 2020 – United Media Solution (UMS) is proud to announce its partnership with Podium, a global Immersive Virtual Events initiative led by UK’s leading B2B agency The Crocodile, designed to help businesses transform their virtual interactions with customers.

After two months of lockdown measures in China, the demand for brands to pivot from physical to digital events has only grown stronger. Podium enables brands to do exactly this while delivering the scale, theatre, richness and excitement of physical events, online. In addition, UMS’ partnership gives Chinese brands instant global reach and scale through the Podium network, enabling digital event strategies that connect with global markets including the USA, Europe, Middle East and now, China.

In virtual boardrooms globally, the same question has been echoing across video calls – “We have to pull our physical events this year – what are we going to do instead?” Switching to online events is the answer but the shift to digital isn’t as straightforward or as easy as it might seem. Now, it’s mission critical for brands to elevate their webinar experiences to match the engagement and impact of traditional sales and marketing conferences.

The Podium initiative pulls together best-in-class online event design, influencer marketing and media rich interactive content formats to create an immersive online event experience.

The Podium initiative has an ambitious set of principles and goals:

  • To create the next generation of immersive digital event experiences
  • To replicate the theatre and excitement of physical events
  • To design data driven digital experiences that feel more human
  • To scale the engagement of in-person events to a much wider audience

This initiative is consistent with a growing trend for complimentary providers to work together to create agile, best-in-class solutions that address the fast-changing and unprecedented needs of business.

UMS CEO, Jessica Miao, commented, “We are excited to join Podium as a China partner and collectively provide brands with an immersive online solution that encompasses the key benefits of offline events. Through this digital offering, brands can effectively engage with customers while capturing their digital footprint – opening avenues of opportunity for building brand loyalty and future interactions. This initiative could not have come at a more valuable time, and I look forward to introducing Podium to our clients to secure their success in China and overseas markets.”

The Crocodile’s Managing Director, Jason Talbot, adds: “In the blink of an eye the world changed. It’s forced many of us to confront digital experience gaps that exist across many organisations. By breaking down siloes and collaborating we’ve created Podium – immersive event design with craft, theatre, connected data and digital scale as a viable alternative to physical events in 2020 and onwards.”