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United Media Solution BLOG

United Media Solution BLOG


Each month this blog will share the latest insights, trends, and data about the China market. It will also showcase social media reports and case studies to reveal the strategies that brands are employing to find success in the Middle Kingdom.

As a valued friend of United Media Solution (UMS), we want to help you stay up-to-date with China’s unique and fast moving market.

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Coronavirus 2020: How the aviation industry should respond

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the airline industry as Chinese travel collapses and travel restrictions are enforced, causing many airlines to temporarily cancel their flights to and from mainland China, until the coronavirus epidemic is contained. Although the coronavirus has caused significant interruptions within Asia, the effects on the industry are expected to recover, […]

Responding to the coronavirus: strategic brand advice

For overseas brands, concerns around the Coronavirus outbreak in China have brought difficulties to many industries, while others are experiencing success and opportunities due to crisis preparedness. So, what have these organisations done to thrive, and what can other businesses do differently to match their success? UMS has researched and gathered valuable insights into how […]

United Media Solution and The Silk Initiative announce the formation of a Strategic Alliance

United Media Solution (UMS), the leading Chinese digital marketing agency and The Silk Initiative (TSI), a leading Chinese food and beverage brand consultancy, have formed a strategic alliance to expand the reach and capabilities of each organisation.   The alliance brings together two of China’s leading marketing consultancies to provide clients with insights, brand strategy, […]

Recent Posts

UMS reappointed as Tencent Ad Service Provider

  For the third year in a row, UMS has been authorised as the Ad Service Provider, Tencent’s Preferred partner for the international market. Tencent platforms, including WeChat, Mobile QQ, Tencent News and Tencent Video, collectively attract over 2.327 billion monthly active users, making its highly tailored marketing solution an attractive option for international brands. […]

UMS launches mini program for 3 domains

To accompany the launch of its new company domains: Engage, Connect and Establish, UMS has created a WeChat mini program which allows for the easy navigation of each team and its offerings, reflecting the expertise of each group. The three domains were established during a recent company restructure to better serve clients no matter what […]

UMS introduces new company domain teams

  To stay one step ahead of the game in this fast-paced market, UMS has undergone a company restructure to elevate its service. As a result, UMS’ offerings have been split into three separate domains, Establish, Connect and Engage. These domains have been specifically designed to meet the individual needs of any client, regardless of […]

ACBC (SA) roundtable event: snippets of industry wisdom

Last week, leader of UMS’ Establish team, Richard Zhu, was invited to speak with a group of panellists at a streamed round-table discussion run by the Australian China Business Council (ACBC). The purpose of this event was to gather different business perspectives and hear the ways in which organisations have responded to the global pandemic […]

‘Petrel assembly’ invites UMS to speak for young graduates 2020

  Last Monday, UMS HR Director Annie Feng was invited to present a keynote speech on career advice for young graduates. ‘Petrel assembly’ aims to provide practical and real career experiences for young professionals who graduate from university in the Covid sphere. In her speech, Annie spoke about personal experiences in her career life, and […]

What is needed to stay relevant in China today?

In all the talk of “adapting to the China market” (a phrase so often heard it has become somewhat of a cliché) staying authentic whilst driving sales is a challenge many brands needlessly grapple with. Effective communication between branding and sales teams is a no brainer within an organization, yet this is too often lost […]

Case Study: KOLs bring success to Bundaberg’s latest campaign

  Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is an Australian family business which has been producing premium soft drinks since the 1960s, including the iconic Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Its products are sold in more than 50 countries globally, with China becoming an increasingly important market for the company. For over a year, UMS has been working with Bundaberg […]

How brands tackle the emerging market in China digital world

  The lasting impact of Covid-19 on China’s market has accelerated digital transformation and marketing innovations. For brands trying to enter a new market, primary factors that should keep in mind are in setting the correct position, identifying the target market, and creating an attractive story to trigger early adopters. In order to illustrate how […]

Intern Diaries – UMS Accelerate Development Programm

UMS迎来了卓越成长计划首批初苗成长营学员!这是一个全方位的沉浸式体验,让我们一起来认识一下首期学员吧!他们分别是:德才兼备的Rocky, 古灵精怪的Hitomi, 活泼可爱的Maggie。 UMS has welcomed in our first round of students for the 2020 UMS Accelerate Development Programme. From the offline to online markets, it’s an all-round immersive experience for this crew!     此计划致力于培养行业人才,并始终开放申请。如果你也在寻找一个可以提升数字营销知识,同时充满乐趣的平台,请联系我们加入下一期的初苗成长营计划! This programme is dedicated to growing industry talents and applications are always open. If you are looking for a […]

UMS and New Zealand Winegrowers lead digital solutions

As a digital transformation takes place in China’s marketplace, the need for innovative solutions has become more important than ever before. United Media Solution has been working with its clients to deliver these solutions and recently, has been able to create a game changing product for its new client, New Zealand Winegrowers. New Zealand Winegrowers […]