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United Media Solution BLOG

United Media Solution BLOG


Each month this blog will share the latest insights, trends, and data about the China market. It will also showcase social media reports and case studies to reveal the strategies that brands are employing to find success in the Middle Kingdom.

As a valued friend of United Media Solution (UMS), we want to help you stay up-to-date with China’s unique and fast moving market.

If you need to talk to China, talk with us!


Coronavirus 2020: How the aviation industry should respond

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the airline industry as Chinese travel collapses and travel restrictions are enforced, causing many airlines to temporarily cancel their flights to and from mainland China, until the coronavirus epidemic is contained. Although the coronavirus has caused significant interruptions within Asia, the effects on the industry are expected to recover, […]

Responding to the coronavirus: strategic brand advice

For overseas brands, concerns around the Coronavirus outbreak in China have brought difficulties to many industries, while others are experiencing success and opportunities due to crisis preparedness. So, what have these organisations done to thrive, and what can other businesses do differently to match their success? UMS has researched and gathered valuable insights into how […]

UMS leads SA businesses through China digital marketing masterclass

UMS Business Development Manager Jo Ruo provided South Australian businesses with an in-depth presentation and masterclass on how to build brands in China.   The event, which was hosted by the Australia China Business Council, was attended by representatives from local SME businesses including delegates from retail and food and wine industries, as well as […]

Recent Posts

UMS and New Zealand Winegrowers lead digital solutions

As a digital transformation takes place in China’s marketplace, the need for innovative solutions has become more important than ever before. United Media Solution has been working with its clients to deliver these solutions and recently, has been able to create a game changing product for its new client, New Zealand Winegrowers. New Zealand Winegrowers […]

Video: Covid-19 market realities

Jessica is the founder and CEO of United Media Solution (UMS) – a company focused on leading overseas brands and businesses to succeed in the challenging Chinese market.   On Thursday 19th June, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise invited me to speak on digital changes and trends in China and what the exciting opportunities are […]


  UMS卓越成长计划,是一个致力于为行业长期培养人才,为人才提供实践经验和技能发展的公益性平台。今年夏天,此培养计划的第一期 – 初苗成长营现已开始招募学员。 赶快邮件至career@umssocial.com来联系我们吧! The UMS Accelerate Development Programme is dedicated to growing industry talent and giving students practical experience. Participants will work with teams across UMS alongside taking part in specialised training and mentoring sessions. The first phase of the programme – Seedling Growth Camp will begin this summer and applications are already […]

Consumers reach back into their pockets – May trend overview

This article was created by Ariel Yan who leads UMS Establish team that provides China consultancy and advisory services. You can contact Ariel via email: ariel.yan@umssocial.com.   As an extension of our China Morning Brief service, I am pleased to share with you the major insights and market trends we have observed over the last […]

UMS 卓越成长计划第一期 – 初苗成长营

This article was created by Annie Feng who is Human Resource Director and Partner for UMS. Annie is responsible for managing all human resources functions across the UMS business and also works closely with the management teams in Asia Pacific.   加入United Media Solution(UMS), 触碰数字营销的未来!UMS卓越成长计划,是一个致力于为行业长期培养人才,为人才提供实践经验和技能发展的公益性平台。今年夏天,此培养计划的第一期 – 初苗成长营现已开始招募学员。 Join United Media Solution and the future of […]

UMS announces partnership with Podium, a virtual event initiative set to reimagine online interactions

Shanghai, China – 28th May, 2020 – United Media Solution (UMS) is proud to announce its partnership with Podium, a global Immersive Virtual Events initiative led by UK’s leading B2B agency The Crocodile, designed to help businesses transform their virtual interactions with customers. After two months of lockdown measures in China, the demand for brands […]

Taking off the blindfold – the power of a Social CRM

This article was created by Becty Yan, who leads a team of creative talents that specialise in consumer engagements and performance marketing. You can contact Becty via email: becty@umssocial.com.   Why should marketers choose SCRM? Social media is one of the most powerful ways to reach and connect with your Chinese customers today. WeChat has […]

Chinese well-known tech entrepreneur moves to Douyin

This article was created by Cecilia Zhang who leads the UMS connect team. The team work with the clients closely on media and KOL strategies, plannings and executions. You can contact Cecilia via email: Cecilia.zhang@umssocial.com.   Luo Yonghao is a Chinese entrepreneur and internet celebrity, well known for his contributions to Chinese technology company, Smartisan, […]

UMS Morning Brief monthly overview – April

This article was created by Ariel Yan who leads UMS Establish team that provides China consultancy and advisory services. You can contact Ariel via email: ariel.yan@umssocial.com.   As an extension of our China Morning Brief service, I am pleased to share with you the major insights and market trends we have observed over the last month. These […]

Shedding light from China – an agency’s experience during Covid-19

This article was created by Annie Feng, the HRD who works at UMS Center of Excellence Department. Annie is passionate about building a young, energetic and professional team who are able to thrive in the ever-changing digital market.   The agency industry is currently saturated with news around 2020 ad spend predictions, suspension of brand marketing […]